About Stu

Having been directly pushed and encouraged by some of the biggest names in magic, Stu Robinson is an innovator and inventor trying to push the boundaries of magic beyond what has been seen to date.

Becoming a christian when he was fourteen, Stu has always been passionate about telling people the gospel. Whether it was through talking, music, or some other form of arts, Stu always found a way to include the gospel in many aspects of his life.

Now, seeing magic as not only a source of entertainment, but also a source of inspiration and an avenue for the gospel, people have left the show not only in wonder but also inspired and challenged.


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The illusions were..." read more


What is it

Coupling spectacular magic and the message of Jesus, this is a show in which people have said will last in their memories for a long time.

This is a world class performance of magic & illusion combined with the powerful and convicting message of Jesus which will captivate your audience.

Weaved throughout the performance is the gospel presented boldly and clearly. Stu Robinson will grab the audiences attention and then give an opportunity for the audience to hear the message of Jesus in a way they have never heard it before.

Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero
Having fun in rehearsals
Having fun in rehearsals